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Ocelot Profile
Ocelot / FAMOUS is a computer peripherals brand in China, was founded in 2013 by the Shenzhen Chun Sida Electronic Technology, belongs to the new generation of IT brands, in 2014 began to enter the field of electronic commerce, budding, headquartered in southern China's Shenzhen Special Economic Zone .
Ocelot / FAMOUS Brands is committed to the development, production and sales of mouse, keyboard, speaker headset, mouse pad, Bluetooth peripherals, and other computer accessories, and mobile power products.
Ocelot / FAMOUS brand design and build a new wireless mouse Smart Series Silent flames tiger X8 gaming mouse, Blade gaming keyboard, speakers and other computer products clips. Ocelot / FMOUSE brand creation, although soon, but its spirit of innovation in the computer peripherals industry and famous.
Ocelot service concept
Actively listening to customer needs
Carefully constructed product quality
Sincerely provide satisfactory service
Always bearing in mind that customer service is the only reason we exist
Ocelot Values
Innovation, collaboration, responsibility, sharing
Innovation: Innovation is the soul of business survival and development, we continue to pursue technology and management innovation, in order to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises innovation
Collaboration: personal power is limited, the power of community is endless. We advocate customers, partners, suppliers and employees and other stakeholders in unity, with the development of progress
Responsibility: honest and trustworthy, the community, the business, responsible for their own, to face, the initiative to undertake
Sharing: sharing knowledge, shared values, harmonious development, create win-win situation
corporate vision
Become the world's leading solution providers peripherals
Our Mission
For people to provide comfort to enjoy the use of advanced
Strategic objectives
Tiger cat Brand Globalization